In this arduous, bustling life,
That drives us nothing but insane,
Nature gives us perspective,
Nature keeps us sane!

-Khushi Goyal

3 thoughts on “Nature”

  1. I love your musing on nature…however it terminates very abruptly. It was almost as if I had just started enjoying a very tasty meal, when very suddenly someone snatched it away from me!

    Could you please enlist maybe other benefits of nature (in our crazy mad city lives), whilst you make this poem into a sonnet?

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    1. The same way as you felt that your tasty meal was snatched away, our work and responsibilities snatch the quality time we want to spend in the arms of nature. So I’m glad you could sense the deliberate abrupt ending.

      Besides, musings won’t necessarily be poems. It will merely comprise a few couplets which may/may not rhyme or perhaps just a few lines that come to my esprit when I see a particular picture.


      1. Aaaahhhhh…touché!

        Now that you have defined how you will express your thoughts…or what form these musings will take, it all makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

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