A black and white life don’t we live,⁣
While finding a purpose to give it meaning,⁣
Forgetting about what truly adds colour to it,⁣
Oblivious to what truly gives meaning to it.

An undue importance don’t we give? ⁣
To the trivial, insignificant things in life, ⁣
Not apprehending how inconsequential it is, ⁣
Not realising how detrimental to self it is. ⁣

If only we understood, ⁣
That the dull days and the grey skies, ⁣
Teach us more than the flowery times.
If only we understood, ⁣
That joys and sorrows both are needed, ⁣
To make the canvas of life; a masterpiece!⁣

-Khushi Goyal